Monday, May 31, 2010

I couldn't resist!

It's been a fun, interesting, & exciting week for us! We have told pretty much all our family & close friends about our decision to adopt. For the most part everyone has been supportive of the idea (of course we got the occasional "I didn't know you two had been trying" assuming we are adopting because we have been unable to get pregnant. When we tell them "nope, this is what we are feeling called to for our first" we are sometimes given a look of bewilderment...oh well! We know what we want & where we feel the Lord taking us & our family:)

It is a unique journey starting to prepare for a baby that isn't growing inside of me. There is no noxiousness, no cravings, nothing in my body telling me we will be having a baby. Even though I am not experiencing the common sighs of pregnancy there is the tickle inside my stomach every time I think of our little one, there is a strong longing to hold our baby, & most of all there is a sense of peace & contentment every time I think about the idea of starting our family through adoption. I am trying to be patient while we wait to hear back from the agency about whether we will be accepted into the program or not, I am feeling hopeful.

During the last few months I have found myself drawn to the baby section every time I visit a store...I never intend to buy anything I just walk through the aisles & picture what our nursery will look like, what clothes our baby will wear, & what toys he/she will drool all over. A couple days ago while at one of my favorite stores (TJ Maxx) I found some shoes I just couldn't NOT buy, I had to get them. Even though the logical Brittany was telling me not to & that it was silly, I got them. My first baby purchase ever and it felt darn good:) The pics of the shoes were taken in our baby's you can see we have not started it yet & probably won't until awhile down the adoption road.

They are blue & made for a little boy I'm guessing but who says a baby girl can't rock it out in blue...that's the feminist in me I guess!

Waiting with anticipation & hope,



  1. Sooo exciting !!! steve and I really enjoyed Skype 'n with you two on Sunday !!! 70 minutes went by so quick !! We are excited about being grandparents again!!! It is such a wonderful and rich blessing in our lives. Love the shoes... Like you, I can hardly go by the baby stuff in any store without looking or buying...

    Off to see my little Sophia now....Love Mom 2

  2. This post totally touched my heart. I truly feel that God has carefully planned exactly who to raise his little ones and what time and place in history to place them. I love to think that of all the people who has ever and will ever live, God chose ME to be Rowen's mommy and God has chosen you to be this sweet ones mommy. Awesome responsibilty and the greatest gift. Love the shoes too...those are one of MANY you will be sucked into buying!!