Wednesday, May 26, 2010

and the paperwork begins!

In case you were wondering what the first step is in the adoption process is it's PAPERWORK and lots of it!

So today I sit here enjoying my cold cup of Joe filling out the first bunch of applications. For one of the domestic agencies we had to fill out a couple statements of faith. I posted my response below, it was challenging but fun to put my thoughts into writing. Welp, enough procrastinating!

Have a great Wednesday!

Response to question #1: Please describe Jesus Christ’s involvement in your life. Do you feel that Jesus has a central role in your life? If so, when did that begin to take place for you?

Since I accepted Jesus into my life 7 years ago I have been dramatically changed. The contentment & peace my relationship with the Lord brings me is beyond words and the central part of my being. The grace & mercy God has shown me is humbling and it is my hope to be a witness of the Lord’s truth to everyone in my life, especially our children. My basis of how to live life & treat others comes from the Bible. Scripture gives us clear & direct guidelines on our role here on earth during this lifetime. Though I fail at living the life He designed for us to live all the time I am completely amazed by His grace and ability to shape our sinful hearts & mold us into His servants. I pray that my heart will always be His to guide, my feet will always follow His call, and that my mind will never stop seeking Him and His will for our family.

Response to question #2: What do you want your children to understand about the message of Christianity?

I have been praying for our children since I became a believer myself. It is my hope that they not only know who the Lord is but make a personal choice to follow & seek Him. John and I plan to witness to our children through our personal relationships with the Lord, our relationship with one another, spending time reading scripture with our children, & teaching them the power of prayer in their daily life. Communication is not only key in a marriage but in any relationship, including that of our Savior. It is important that our children not just know the surface of what it means to be a believer of Jesus Christ but that they understand the importance of having a personal relationship with Him.

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