Monday, May 24, 2010

Our call to adopt...

John & I have always had the desire & calling to adopt. This was something we talked about when we first met & have been praying about since we started our life together. Over the past few months I have felt God's pull on my heart. Every time I go to worship, pray, or even brush my teeth :) I feel Him calling for us to adopt...soon. I have tried to shake it, knowing this wasn't "the best time" & when I do I hear His call even more.

After many conversations, and several hours of research we are confident in the step we're taking towards adopting our first child. Just the thought of it brings so much joy to my heart! We wanted to share this with all of you who love & support us and hope you will come along for the journey. As always, your prayers would mean the world to us.

Where we're at right now in "the adoption process" is deciding whether to adopt domestically or internationally. This has been a harder decision than we thought, there is so much need for both. What we DO know is we are planning on adopting an African American infant, probably a male (they are usually the last to get adopted). We have talked with & researched many domestic agencies & are pretty confident in the one we will go with if we choose that route. I am meeting with a few mothers who have adopted both domestically & internationally and looking forward to getting their insight & advice. If any of you know anyone who has experience with adoption please let us know as we would love to talk with them. There is SO much to learn & consider.

You all know that adoption can be expensive, the average cost ranging from $18,000-$30,000 when all is said & done. The cost is pretty comparable for both I & D adoptions. The time it takes to bring your child home is the biggest difference in comparing the two. Being newlyweds & new business owners money is definitely NOT in abundance. We are trying to be wise with how we allocate our income & adoption is something we're saving towards. The cost is more than worth bringing our baby home! We are also looking into financing options.

This news might be surprising to some of you & to many it will come as no surprise at all. We have been shown the Lord's mercy, grace, & love and we look forward to the opportunity to giving a child the chance to live a life & know the Father he/she might otherwise never know. Two of the countries we are looking into for international adoption are Uganda, & the Congo. We are familiar with ministries in both countries. We are hoping to visit the country we choose to adopt from (if we go that route) within the year.

Right now we are allowing our Father to prepare us for this HUGE journey. Our hearts long for our child we have never met. We know the this will take great patience & that many struggles are ahead of us but this is nothing in comparison to bringing our child home. Sorry for sharing this information via blogging for some of you, it is the best and most effective way to share the news with many people. The reason we have chosen to blog about it is because we feel it is a unique way for us to document our journey and share it with all of you. It is also our hope that it will give insight & guidance to couples planning to adopt in the future.

We love you all & are reminded daily of how blessed we are to have such loving and supportive family & friends.

We will keep you posted on here about our journey! Knowing me there will be postings about other Hagensen shinanigans also:)

B & J


  1. John and Britt:
    Wow ! I have known of your desires to move in this direction for some time now, but reading your blog and all that has gone into your decision has shed more light on this incredible adventure.

    This comes as no surprise to me... in fact I have known this was a very great possibility since 1998 when John came back from his mission trip to Romania...His heart was so full of love for the children there... He begged us for weeks to adopt a child from the orphanage, his love and passion was so great that he brought me to tears many times over this conversation, but it was not possible for us at that time to go that direction. In my many long talks with John about it, he told me that someday he would adopt ...and I knew in my heart he would. I also knew that much time would pass and much water would go under the bridge before he would be an adult ready to take on such a task. Yet I also knew my son, and I knew his heart for those in need and I knew his passion was enormous for this calling.

    I also knew it would only happen if he was to marry someone with the same heart passion as his. And then one day, there you were Britt. Who would have known back in 2001 that the young girl I sat across the breakfast table with would someday be sharing this passion with him. It is so incredible how, looking back, God has been preparing the way to love and blessings for the last many years. I can hardly believe how beutifully our family has blossomed and grown... Only the love of the Devine Spirit within us could ever accomplish such beauty.

    I am excited about the future and about my role as a grandmother to your precious children. I am committed to being there for you in heart and mind and prayer. The road is not always easy, but with family, it is never walked alone....Joys and sorrows shared are so much sweeter.... And we will be there for you both... always.

    I know Steve will agree with me to pray for you and with you about this... and we will agree together for confirmation in God's leading as you walk thru this life adventure.

    I love you,

  2. How can this little girl, running home to get more popsicles, defending her "right" to be able to have more than one sleepover a weekend....a little girl. Why not...she will be an awesome, loving mom. Britt possesses so much love and concern for children, always keeping in focus what would be the best for the child. What a fortunate child to be entering the Hagensen family, he/she will be loved by a father who is so passionate, patient and will be a wonderful teacher...not to mention a great mentor of conversation hee hee...and a mother who will love unconditionally, nurture, laugh, and encourage the stability of family. I can't even explain how excited I am to love and laugh with this child. I think of all the fun family times that lie ahead for us and I get all teary eyed...I definitely need to get some new knees so gramma can hike, bike and keep up with my new little "toodles" I love you John and Britt!!