Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meeting with our caseworker:)

I got our first call from our caseworker Monday, her name is Summer. She sounds super friendly & I've heard really great things about her from another couple who she was assigned to through CFCA.

We will be having our initial meeting at our home this coming Monday. Our caseworker will be going over the process in greater detail with us & get to know us better to see if we will be a "good fit" for the agency. She lives out in our area so we will probably be having most of our meeting here & not the agency in Phoenix. That will be nice! I am really looking forward to this meeting because I feel like it's one step closer to starting the process to bring home our first child:) Just the thought stirs up all kinds of emotions in me! There are so many unknowns like, what color of eyes will he or she have? What race will our sweet baby be? What will our birth mom be like? How long will everything take? They go on & on!! Thankfully, we have complete trust in our Lord to unite us with the baby we're supposed to have & we have faith that He has the perfect plan for this chapter in our lives. Knowing that calms my concerns & pleases my heart.

I will keep ya posted! Please pray for us, as you know there are so many things to consider when taking that first step to growing our family. We love you all & are thankful to have your support!

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