Friday, April 15, 2011

Emotionally Exhausted


Today was a day that Brittany and I will always remember. There are no words to adequately express the suffocating sadness that is overwhelming us right now. Many of you know the "back and forth" that went on in the final days prior to delivery, but yesterday afternoon we were notified that our birth mother had switched hospitals and had given birth to a healthy baby boy. She needed space and time and that is why she had chosen to not have us in the delivery room as the plan had been for the past two months. That night we received another call from her social worker saying that she had her time alone to grieve and has decided to continue on with the adoption plan. Brittany and I were excited and tears of joy streamed down our cheeks; we were going to hold our boy and love on him... finally!

As we drove to the hospital this morning, we received a text from our birth-mom saying that we shouldn't come to the hospital because she still wanted to talk to some people about whether this was truly what she wanted/needed. Obviously our hearts sank, and we wondered how much longer we could experience this intense unknown. A couple hours later we received a call from her social worker; what she told us was gut-wrenching and blindsiding. She explained that our birth-mother was working with another adoption agency from Utah and that there was another family who had flown into Phoenix from Canada to adopt this very same child. Our birth-mother had decided to place the child in temporary foster care while she decided whether to parent or not. Along with that, she informed both the other family and us that if she places him for adoption it will be with an entirely different family all-together.

The news was shocking! Just last night she sent us a picture of him; why would she do that if she was working with another family or did not intend to have us adopt him? Looking back nothing makes any sense to us other than the pain of the loss that we feel. We are headed out of town for a couple of days to grieve with one another. Your prayers and support have meant so much to us throughout this process.

Brittany and I know God has a great plan for our lives and for our family and this is just the beginning of a great journey...


Our agency's director told us that our birth-mother was having a bit of a change of heart and wanted to speak with us at the hospital if we were still willing to go. After a brief discussion, Brittany and I figured that we were as broken and emotionally spent as we would ever be and that we would always look back and wonder if we stopped the process now. So after only 15 minutes at home, we were headed back to the hospital. Our prayer as we went was that God would be glorified through our actions and words.

What we witnessed upon getting to the hospital will leave an impression on our hearts until the day we die. When we walked into her room, the always strong and resilient woman that we had gotten to know the last two months was at a moment where the depths of her sorrow was incomprehensible. At that moment, any feelings I had of hurt or anger towards her vanished. Even our consideration for the baby became an afterthought. No, at that moment it was all about being there for someone at a moment of grief like I had never witnessed firsthand. The three of us embraced and cried, and cried, and cried.

We spent the rest of the evening in her room and at about 7:30pm we were discharged from the hospital with a baby boy in the backseat! Official papers cannot be signed until Monday at the earliest and our birth-mother is obviously still at a very fragile place. She remains unsure of what her ultimate decision will be. Our emotional approach is that we are foster parents to this baby boy for the time being. We are not placing "our name" on him or referring to him as our son until if/when our birth-mom signs that final step. Whether we have been given this weekend, a week, or a lifetime to love on this child, we are going to make the most of this perfect 7lb blessing the Lord has placed in our home. Every ounce of desire that has been growing inside of us since we started this process almost a year ago is being showered on this stud muffin!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this, and along with wanting to keep all of you (who have been amazingly supportive along the way) informed on the process, putting my thoughts on paper has been a healthy expression of the most unexplainable day of our lives. Emotions were from top to bottom in a matter of minutes. Please continue to pray that our birth-mother would feel comfort and peace, and that her broken-heart would begin to heal as she is walking through this devastation with no support from friends and family to lean on. We will let you know if anything new happens!

J & B


  1. God bless you two! We hope everything works out for the best, for all four of you. Remember, God has a plan!

  2. You two are great and giving everyone a picture of what it's like to lean on God in tough times, even when it doesn't make any sense. Keep the faith, God has a perfect plan in all of this mess!

  3. I stand in awe of the faith and blessings I am witnessing as I walk thru this journey with you...the presence of GOD is manifesting in you both and my heart is overflowing... Closely walking with the heartache and pain of such a sacrifice... is the knowing of a greater reality... a purpose. My prayer is with you both. Mom

  4. Wow! I'm furious and broken-hearted for the birth mom at the same time. God is so good and has brought a beautiful baby boy into your life. You two have done the most Christ-like act that any human can experience on this earth... Just as Christ has adopted us you have adopted an amazing baby boy. Kate and I are praying that this won't just be for a weekend or even a week, but that you will get to love and raise this boy from here on out. We love you guys! Ryan & Kate

  5. John and Brittany,
    We are so overwhelmed for you. Please know that we are praying for you. This is such a hard process and I am so glad you were able to be with the BM in the hospital to support her. What a gut wrenching time. We will pray like crazy for the Bm and for you guys to have a strength and endurance over the next few days that only God can give.


    Aaron and Emily

  6. John and Brittany,

    My heart and prayers go out to you both and the birth mother. With every adversity comes the seed of an equal or greater possibility. It's our job to find the good in all of this.....with faith in Christ there's always a silver lining no matter what the outcome is. You could teach my Grief Release class after're qualified :) Chin up kids.....eyes on Jesus...hope this is the best Easter you've ever experienced!

    Love you,
    Aunt Mary

  7. Praying with you from up in Kent.

    Lynn & Jeannette Conver
    (friends of Tom and Ann)