Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adoption Update

First off, I want to say THANK YOU for all your faithful prayers & support. I am guessing if you're reading this you have followed the last couple months of our adoption process on facebook. It has been a truly amazing yet emotional time for us. We got matched with Shanae, our possible birthmom, went to several of her doctor appointments, helped her move apartments & tried to be her support during this time in her life. We have grown to love her & her three sons. God definitely brought her into our life & us into hers for a reason, there is no doubt about that.

Yesterday was supposed to be the BIG day. Shanae was scheduled to be induced at 10pm last night with the hope of her delivering this morning. We waited on pins & needles to hear from her all night and nothing...turns out she canceled her induction. We are experiencing a lot of emotions right now & I would be lying to say that none of those emotions are fear and frustration. We got a text from her this morning simply saying that she "is going to wait until he comes on his own & that she needs space and time." That is all we know at this point. We are becoming more aware that anything can change at any second. It seems possible that she is questioning her decision to place her child for adoption.

You all have been a wonderful source of comfort & support for us throughout this process so we felt it necessary to update you all. Please continue to pray, pray & pray. Our prayer throughout this entire process is not that we end up with this child but that God will be glorified & His plan lived out. As hard as it is not knowing what's around the corner we are finding peace in the knowledge that our God is faithful & loving. He knows what's best & we are thankful for that!

We love you guys so much & will try to do a better job at keeping you updated.

Britt & John


  1. I will be praying Brittany!!!! I have a girlfriend who just experienced this in February. Not the most fun feeling to say the least.
    Sending love and encouragement and prayers in your and john's direction...

  2. Lindsay has been updating me for the past few weeks and this just breaks my heart to hear what you are going through. You guys are definitely in our prayers.

    I know it is hard to see now, but the struggles you are going through now will only make you that much more joyful when things eventually work out, either with this adoption process or another.

    Thank you for your update and being so open with your faith.

  3. Man. We love you guys. Keep your heads up and keep that positive attitude that you both bring to the world alive. Sometimes God has a funny way of working these things out.

  4. My cousin and her husband just went thru an unsuccessful adoption in January. As fearful and frustrating as the unknown can be, having faith in Him and believing in His purpose for you is truly remarkable and inspiring. I am praying for you and John and Shanae. God Bless.