Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cruz is 3 months!

Like the old sayin goes, no news is good news! Sorry we haven't updated you in awhile, we've been busy changing diapers, washing bottles & loving on our sweet son. We are so in love with him & are reminded daily of how blessed we are...even if that reminder comes at 1 am, 3 am, & 6 am every night;) Cruz is growing like CRAZY! He is getting so long & developed. Not to mention packing on some major lbs! Those chubby cheeks are mama's favorite:) He is smiling a ton now especially in the morning. He loves looking around at his surroundings & babbling. I have a feeling our little man is going to be quite the talker like his daddy! We have been in North Dakota for the majority of the summer & Cruz has experienced his first boat ride, long car ride (which he was a champ on) & has been enjoying plenty of walks through my parent's neighborhood. We have flew to the north west to visit family a few weeks ago. We went to Portland & Seattle. Both trips were a blast & we relished in every opportunity to introduce Cruz to his relatives. He is so loved! He is right on schedule with all his milestones & of course mom and dad think he is a little advanced for his age;) Spoken like a true parent, right!?

Below are a few 3 month pics we took of his yesterday. Enjoy!

Cruz got mini dreads yesterday too!

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  1. oh boy, 3 months!! That last picture is so wonderful...