Thursday, January 20, 2011


We received the call today from our case worker that we are OFFICIALLY in the match book & ready to adopt! She had to present us to the board of directors at our agency to get the final go & they approved us to be adoptive parents!

Though we were optimistic about getting approved we were still trying to remain cautious. We are thrilled to be done with the paperwork & home study process and now are feeling like everything is really coming together, it's becoming very real to us!

We can't thank you all enough for your thoughts, advice & prayers! You have no idea how much your love & support means to us and will mean to our future kiddos. God has been so faithful to us in this journey and I can't wait to see what He has in store for us next. Since there is a possibility that our lives could change any day now we are trying to be as prepared as possible for a baby. We have most of the basics but there are still some items we will need. We won't be having a shower before the little one arrives but wanted to let you know we are registered at Target & BuyBuyBaby online. We will keep you all posted & will let you know as soon as we get "the call."

We love you, please keep those prayers coming...God hears.


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  1. Hi! I hope this doesn't seem really weird and "stalker-ish" but I found you through a friend of a friend's blog and just had to tell you how much your story tugged at my heart. You see, I am an adoptive mother twice over and reading your journey felt so familiar and just took me back to those times of anxiously waiting...and waiting...and waiting some more for God to reveal His plan for our family. I always tell people that I would not trade all of the pregnancies in the world for the experience of adopting my 2 sweet babies (both domestic adoptions) and in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined more perfect kiddos for us. He really does want to give us more than we can even imagine and I know He will knock your socks off!
    May you feel His presence guiding you through this stage of your journey and if you ever need someone to talk to who truly understands you are welcome to email me sometime, even though I know I'm a total stranger! LOL! :-)
    P.S. I have started sharing our infertility and adoption journey on my blog under the "Labor of the Heart" tab at the top.