Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to school...

We had our first of 7 adoption class last night in Phoenix. Of course, we were late because of crazy traffic which if you know me you know I was mortified walking in!! Not only are we the youngest by far we are now the irresponsible couple! Naww they were really nice about it & it wasn't a big deal at all:)
Basically the class was a meet & greet and with some of the staff at CFCA and about 6 other couples planning to adopt through CFCA and also an overview of what to expect during our adoption. It was really refreshing to meet other couples choosing to adopt in our area since we don't know a ton right now. John already invited one of them over for dinner, guess I will have to pretend I know how to cook!
We have our physicals & fingerprinting next week. After we complete those we will begin our home studies!! So exciting! We will have 4 visits during that process with our caseworker and after our classes our complete we will go into the matchbook:) It finally feels like things are coming together.

We will keep you posted on the homestudy process!

Love you all, please pray for our birth mom & baby.


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  1. I am so happy the process is underway! I think of you both often! Love you dearly! :-)