Thursday, July 29, 2010

Patience & Faith

Dear little one,

Daddy & I have been busy this past month! We have been in North Dakota & Washington working & visiting family and man did they have a lot of questions for us about YOU! We absolutely relished in every opportunity we had to tell them about the adoption process & why we can't wait to meet you:) You need to know something baby, your family is so excited to meet you! They are all so wonderful and cannot wait to hold you & love on you! You will have cousins to play with & grandparents who will spoil you to bits! I'm sitting in Suncadia, WA as I write this surrounded by your future family. We have been hiking, biking, playing tennis & tons of family games. There have been plenty of yummy meals & long conversations, your family is full of unique personalities and there is no shortage of love for one another! We are enjoying our time with family but something is's you. I am trying to stay patient, I have complete faith you will come to us at the perfect time.

Love you so much already!


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